The Veterinary service I provide is exclusively holistic. I treat pets with natural therapies, herbal medicine and acupuncture. I do not provide surgical, diagnostic services such as x-rays or prescribe drug medications. I assume my clients will have a regular Vet for these conventional services.

If you have questions about your pet's health which you would like me to assist with please understand that constitutes a consultation. I have a professional obligation to diligently assess the situation through consultation before answering questions or dispensing treatment advice. If you are unsure which consultation appointment to book please email me and I will direct you.

Services I offer:

In person Consultations: My private consulting room, located at my home in Benger (between Harvey & Brunswick Junction Western Australia) is registered with the Veterinary Surgeons board of WA.

I do not currently provide mobile services except in some instances for acupuncture treatment for horses.

If you are unable to bring your horse to me for Equine consultation please email to arrange a time, as availability will vary with travel times, and additional travel fees will apply.


Phone & Video Consultations:
* For patients that can't travel or distance prevents bringing them to me for consultation.

* If you have questions and I have seen your pet previously.
* Follow-up existing patients that are already on herbal medicines and are needing prescription refill or discussing treatment progress.

Types of Consultations:

Initial consultation: For pets that I haven't seen before or >6 months since last visit. An in-depth discussion about your pet's medical history, presenting complaint, diet, lifestyle and behaviour along with examination for through understanding of your pets health. We will discuss treatment and wellness plan recommendations and if acupuncture is appropriate.
Allow ~60-75min

Follow-up/ standard consultations: Existing clients pet I have seen before <6 months since last visit. We will review response to initial treatment and discuss questions, owner feedback and treatment plan modifications moving forward.
Allow ~40minAdditional Pet: Include an extra pet at your consultation. Maximum two pets total at a consultation.
Allow +30min

Acupuncture only treatment: For existing patients as part of a prescribed course of acupuncture.
Allow ~40min