Being a devoted pet mumma to a menagerie of furry and feathered kids and as a Holistic Veterinarian, I believe in the positive power of raising and healing our pets through Conscious and mindful pet care choices and the healing wisdom of nature.
I provide Holistic Veterinary therapies including acupuncture and herbal medicine. If you are looking for natural alternatives to drug medications for your pet, natural diet advice, or a holistic perspective for your pets care, please contact me and lets see how we can help heal your furry family naturally.
Holisitic Veterinary Consultation - In person (Harvey Western Australia)

A Veterinary consultation experience like no other!!.

Tranquil consultation room set in picturesque gardens, in Harvey Western Australia.

Let your pet sniff around the garden, get relaxed before coming in, hopping on the couch and chillaxing while we chat about his or her health issue.


Online Email Consultations

Would you like help to treat your pet with natural therapies, but don't know where to start?

Are there No Holistic or Natural Veterinarians in your area?

Would you like to ask a trained Veterinarian questions about natural diet or health care for your pet?

So NOW you can with my Online Email consultations.

Available anytime; Complete the questionnaire when it suits you.

Follow the link to Book TODAY!


Holistic Veterinary Consultation & Acupuncture Horses

Is your horse;

  • not feeling right under saddle?
  • not flexing or engaging properly?
  • stiffer with the colder weather?
  • suffering from arthritis? or other musculoskeletal disease?
  • not holding condition

Acupuncture can help!




Lets work together to provide healing, rejuvenation and the best quality of life, so your fur kids can live long, healthy, happy lives!